We are constructing the financial engine for the next generation of space infrastructure, built upon decades-long relationships. We firmly believe that this grand vision can only come to fruition when founded on trust and integrity. Our partners, investors, and operators all share a common vision of human expansion.

About Mach 33


Executive Management

Our founders and C-Suite team leverage decades of capital markets front and back office experience to deliver best-in-class products and services to our partners

  • Aaron Burnett

    Founder, Group CEO

  • Brant Arseneau

    Founder, Group Chairman, CIO

  • Brad Arseneau

    Group COO



Our finance and operations team leverages years of technical and financial expertise to deliver unmatched research, placement and financial operations support to our clients.

  • Nathan Whigham

    Advisor, Asset Management

  • Andrew Woods

    VP, Technology, Shared Services

  • Alex Darvishian

    VP, Venture, Capital Markets

  • Chris Reichelt

    VP, Operations, Shared Services

  • Tim Chrisman

    VP, Investor Relations

  • Vlad Saigau

    Analyst, Research